Nicolas of Palm Beach


Nicolas of Palm Beach jewelry are designed around the logo of the “circle of dolphins” as their flagship line of elegant fashion. 

The company also has a Museum Collection of Paraiba Tourmalines as well as Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire  jewelry. 

The Paraiba Tourmaline is much more expensive than other  tourmalines, which have a large variety of colors. The Paraiba Tourmaline, originally discovered in the Paraiba section of Brazil contains copper, magnesium and other elements that give it a brilliant vibrancy, now celebated throughout the world. These are some of the rarest and most expensive gemstones in the world. Later found in mines in Nigeria and Mozambique originally created confusion in the gemstone world. The Committee on Harmonization later ruled that stones of certain regions other than Brazil  could be called paraibas in the trade. 

It was the same controversy that took place when California started producing “champagne” and there were rulings that only products from the Champagne Valley in France could be called “champagne”. Since most of the mines in the world have now been mined out there are so few gemstones that prices have now soared for perfect stones to over $100,000.00 per Ct.  Other stones with copper and magnesium with different colors are often referred to as cuprians (containing copper) etc. While tourmalines without these elements are beautiful and actually more eye clean they do not command the same lofty prices and are accordingly more affordably priced and very attractive. All jewelry from Nicolas of Palm Beach is sold in consultation with certified gemologists so you can always be sure your receive exactly what is represented, a policy important to our next “iconic” brand.


Nicolas of Palm Beach Gold Pendant with pave diamonds

The Nicolas of Palm Beach logo is of a circle of Dolphins. The beauty and grace of these majestic mammals are an inspiration for our brand, which marries intelligence and gracefulness into a logo that is symbolic of Florida but extends throughout the world. 

The logo graces our handbags, fragrances, belts, customized jewelry and defines the next iconic brand in the 21st century which will take its place with the other luxury brands that have come to represent the finest products the world has to offer.

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