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The Nicolas of Palm Beach Brand Logo

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The Nicolas of Palm Beach Brand Logo
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Wilner (Nicolas) Pierre is a recording artist, dancer and designer.  Pierre grew up on the island of Abaco, in the Bahamas. The Bahamian Haitian singer performs diverse genres and designs clothing as well as luxury goods for Nicolas of Palm Beach™.

Pierre has been singing and creating since he was a child and was in several bands in the Bahamas, on the island of Abaco. Pierre and his family sheltered in kitchen cupboards as their world was destroyed as Hurricane Dorian practically wipe-out Abaco.

Pierre made it to the United States under a refugee program with his wife Molina, two children and pregnant with a third, Aaron, now a 3-year-old American Citizen.  Molina, a former Mrs. Haiti, wrote a book about the harrowing experience which ironically brought the family to America where his unbelievable vocal capacities and his sense of color and design quickly gained him the support of

Pierre is now working with some of the musical greats and working to make the Nicolas Palm Beach line, not only an iconic symbol of luxury, but available to a more diverse population.

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About Our Logo

The Nicolas of Palm Beach logo is of a circle of Dolphins. The beauty and grace of these majestic mammals are an inspiration for our brand, which marries intelligence and gracefulness into a logo that is symbolic of Florida but extends throughout the world.

The logo graces our handbags, fragrances, belts, customized jewelry and defines the next iconic brand in the 21st century which will take its place with the other luxury brands that have come to represent the finest products the world has to offer.

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